ICT4D is a research group that was established on September 4, 2018 to foster ICT research for development in developing economies in particular Uganda. ICT4D is a brain child of the departments of Computer Science and Mass Communication at the Islamic University in Uganda.

From the Initial two members, the group has grown to 10 distinct members that are increasingly engaged in all fronts of scientific research at National and International platforms. Currently the group is under the stewardship of Adam A. Alli. The ICT4D focuses mainly on e-Education, e-Health, e-Agriculture, ICT-in-WASH, Social Media and Big Data Analytics research. For the past one year since the inception of the research group, four objectives have and continue to be considered.

  1. Use ICT to improve on Rural Communication ICT4D research.
  2. Create an understanding of the impact of new technologies [Social Media, Big Data, and the Internet of Things (IoT)].
  3. Apply analytics to predict the current trends in education, health, agriculture and social media interactivity.
  4. Create a multidisciplinary knowledge domain.

In the year, 2019 the established group registered enormous successes in terms of conferences attended and research works published in top tier conference proceedings and journals.