• PI: “ICTs, Community Building and Reconciliation in Northern Uganda: A case of Social Media use in Uganda” Conference Grant-City University of Hong Kong, School of Graduate Studies, Amount: HK $6,151.20 (2019), Juma Kasadha
  • PI: “ICTs and Reconciliation: A case of Social Media use in Uganda” Research Grant-United Nations University on Computing and Society (UNU-CS)-Macao, Amount: US $3831.9 (2018), Juma Kasadha
  • PI: “Media Representation of Female Candidates in Ugandan Parliamentary Elections” Research Grant- City University of Hong Kong, Amount: US $1530.08 (HK$ 12000) (2018), Juma Kasadha
  • PI: “Gender and Media Representation in Uganda” Research Grant- Islamic University In Uganda, Amount: US $1700 (2018), Juma Kasadha, Rehema Kantono