GO Green

The Go Green Project was a brain child of the weekly environmental program aired on 93.1 IUIU FM. The project was dubbed 93.1 Go Green Revolution. The campaign aimed at reaching out to 93.1 percent of every community countrywide in a course of two years (2014-2016). A total of one million seedlings were to be distributed in two phases. These would cover the regions of Karamoja, Busoga, Bugisu and Teso where different types of seedlings were and would be distributed.

93.1 Go Green Revolution

The campaign was run on a theme of ‘My Tree Your Tree’. The theme encouraged listeners of the aired program to donate seedlings to their neighbors and also take part in sensitizing the different communities in their reach on the need to plant seedlings of different species.

93.1 IUIU FM Station Manager, Yusuf Musisi gives out Mvule seedlings to students from Grace S.S (Photo by: Juma Kasadha)

During the distribution that targeted students, cultural institutions, non-profit-organizations and the different categories of IUIU FM listenership audience. A total of 2,000 Mvule [Milicia excelsa] seedlings were given to beneficiaries in Bugisu, and over 100 in Jinja alongside 3,000 Grevellia Robusta and 700 jackfruit seedlings at the Eastern Regional Trade Fair held at Mbale Municipal Stadium from May 16-23. This was after the Official launch of the campaign where thousands of seedlings were given to different schools, and a wide range of community representatives.

The Head Mass Communication Department at Islamic University in Uganda (In Spectacles), Abdulhamid Mpoza, hands over hoe, watering can alongside hundreds of seedlings to the Headmaster of Hamdan Girls School
The station’s Marketing Officer, Guma Hasan after handing over the watering can labelled with IUIU FM stickers to the Mass Communication Head of Department for hand over to benefiting community listeners.

Listeners were taught the different uses affiliated to the different tree species. In particular, they were encouraged to plant more fruit seedlings and the different tree species that were at the verge of being extinct due to man’s deforestation activities. The campaign further aimed at;

1. Educating and informing society on environmental related concerns.
2. Sensitizing society on existing environmental laws [In Uganda, at Regional level and above all internationally applicable regulations and policies in the wake of climate change campaigns].
3. Encouraging communities [listenership of 93.1 FM and beyond] on the initiated tree planting campaign.
4. Fostering grass root discussions on climate change mitigation measures and also take concerned government officials and programs aimed at preservation of the environment.

To ensure continuity, the project reached out to different cultural leaders. Such as the Bugisu Cultural leader that graced the campaign with more calls for every family in Bugisu region to plant coffee seedlings for their children respectively. Cultural institutions in Uganda play a pivotal role in Climate Change campaigns.

Kasadha hands The Bugisu Cultural leader Mvule seedlings [Milicia excelsa]. The Cultural head welcomed IUIU’s initiative of preserving endangered species such as the Mvule tree [Milicia excelsa]. (Photo by: Kirinya Ayub)

The Bugisu cultural head, traditionally referred to as Umukuuka (king) welcomed 93.1 IUIU FM initiative.

“Mvule [Milicia excelsa] is getting extinct. As a cultural leader am ready to work with any organization towards the preservation of our environment. Mvule is an endangered tree that we must jointly plant. These endangered tree species play a vital role in today’s climate change campaigns. As Bugisu region, we are grateful to have institutions such as IUIU that have initiated and engaged our communities into the global climate change advocacy campaigns. ”

Mushikori Bob Saul Kipiro the Bugisu cultural leader, Umukuuka II.

The distributed seedlings were received from different not-for-profit organizations; government agencies, Islamic University in Uganda students, and IUIU FM listeners that ensured that a seedling was bought daily and delivered for storage at IUIU FM collecting point located at the Islamic University in Uganda, Mbale Campus. The ongoing campaign remains welcomes all interested parties that wish to donate seedlings for distribution or reach out to the benefiting communities to contact iuiufm@iuiu.ac.ug or jkasadha@iuiu.ac.ug

L-R: IUIU FM Station Manager receives tree seedling donation from the Cadet Ssal Lule Michael on behalf of the Uganda Police Force (UPF). Go Green Ambassadors offload tree seedlings received from Uganda Wild Life Authority